Kyle Leon Scam – focusing an inhibitory nerve

The theory of Pavlov, when focusing an inhibitory nerve or a point in the cortex (via relaxation effects), the inhibition of this inhibition will spread throughout the cortex. Focusing the mind  Visit:

This is the main stage of the meditation. As mentioned above, the meditation is to concentrate on a single subject or to gradually reach the empty state, no longer any obstacles to the notion.

To relax or to cure nervous, just keep focusing on the situation in a given time. It is important to practice regularly every day, once or twice daily.

At first, sitting about 15 minutes each time, gradually increased after some time, when the brain has noted, the sitting meditation practice in posture, close your eyes, the tip of the tongue touching the gums or soft suggestion relaxing muscles forming the conditional reflex to put people into a state of meditation practice Visit:

Regard to concentration, many schools often chooses acupuncture conductivity (lower abdomen, below the navel approximately 3 cm) should focus on this as much perhaps. According to traditional medicine, “Where is the god that gas?”

When focusing on a point in the lower body, the air and blood will flow on the bottom, relieve pressure in the head, prone to static import. Hara called when two or vented gas, which implies that “practice medicine”, the “gas tank”. Conductivity is an important grave in the practice of Taoist Tai Chi, Qigong and home.


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