Joey Atlas Scam – use of anti-cellulite cream

During a follow-up visit may warm up a broom and after that take a cool shower or take a dip in the pool, and then use anti-cellulite cream with a cooling effect.

The use of anti-cellulite cream in the sauna The Finnish sauna has about the same effect as the Russian bath, but with dry steam. Joey Atlas Scam Honey or coffee scrub before a session will strengthen the positive impact of high temperature on the skin and massage with honey or with a bag of sea salt will contribute to a stronger open the pores, and the penetration of nutrients.

Use anti-cellulite cream in the sauna to enhance the warming effect is meaningless, since such a temperature difference, the law does not build, and overlap. But after a sauna and swimming in the cool of the pool, anoint the body of a favorite remedy for cellulite with a moisturizing effect – the most it.

Lack of moisture in the body is useful to fill with herbal tea or mineral water. Infrared sauna is even more effective than Finnish as your body heats itself, and not the air around it. During one session lost about a kilo of water and fat. Joey Atlas Info Of course, then the loss is compensated, but then come together to inveterate fat cells, toxins, waste and decomposition products.


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