Customized Fat Loss Review- Low-fat diet full of carbohydrates

Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss- A low-fat diet is based on the assumption that fats contain twice as much energy per gram than carbohydrates and proteins. The aim of this diet is therefore up to reduce fat intake. Strict exclusion fat is harmful.

Customized Fat Loss Review:Has been shown that the percentage of fat should not fall below 25% to ensure adequate intake of fat soluble vitamins, especially vitamin E.

Reduced fat intake limits sufficient intake of vitamin D, low fat diet can affect the formation osteoporosis. Missing prolonged feeling of saturation, which can lead to excessive consumption of carbohydrates and paradoxically to obesity? Customized Fat Loss Review

Beware of low-fat diet! According to the research of scientists from Boston University can be found association between low-fat diet and increased risk of an ovulatory infertility.


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