Muscle Gaining Secrets

Powerful moment in performance
Part of the money we give to things which long-term support of each performance and these are mostly deaf facilities for the physically and mentally handicapped.

When will play four shows in a month, it takes around 250,000, so the year is almost a million or two, these are large sums.


An abroad – we have contributed to the “old-fashioned Life”, thus contributing Indians in Ecuador who are trying to buy a piece of the Amazon rainforest to prevent oil extraction, wood…

And also privately
My wife and long-term support two girls in Peru, two young Indian woman, sisters Naomi and Kelly, a village next to Casco. We are sending funds to their studies.

It’s actually a godparent at a distance it’s adoptions, we have no right to them.

Running around in your home besides grandchildren and any pets?
Well gee, at home as ants, flies, and then there is the cat and dog. It used to be there and pittance, rat, hamster, too jays come to visit =>>

Otherwise, there we have a lot Woodpecker, you are very clever, they façade destroys us, because we polystyrene insulated house and they somehow tastes.
They do always beat the hell out of such holes … They are really smart. One appeared even a snake came into the house …

He came just to visit?
Yes! It was a very powerful moment, because that night I had a very vivid dream about a snake, I am the dream and told the wife I was amazed, because it is in the living room had discovered.

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