Muscle Gaining Secrets

Feeling angry
Do you feel angry when someone next to you on the tram furiously phone and you can learn all about his intimate life?

I’m so angry, I get angry unlearned. Because I really do not know what it brought me, I was angry. I certainly would not improve the mood.

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Just be worse to me, and I do not want to. And certainly I did not allow any other person that if something solved, handled my mood

I do not know why I should be dependent on some people doing nonsense, why should I spoil the mood at the mercy of their activities.

You said that the son makes a sound engineer…
Son does in television; he worked as a broadcast technician, sometimes does with us, and goes with us on trips.

It itself also plays a theater, with her daughter, her friends, such as “The Little Prince” will now play such stories, “swallows” it’s called. He also starred in the show “The Man Who Planted Trees”.
A daughter, she is studying French and Interpreting and theater plays, too.

With your lady Viet we meet in the show?
Not at all, although we met earlier in the presentation of the Foot-Bridge “Four positions and one Verna”, where he played with me, but somehow we agreed that it is not about our journey

We had a performance of “A Love”, which is also called “Alaska” – which I’ve played with Viet and Paul Said, it was common.
But otherwise she writes her game, its domain is mainly theater for women and parents with children.



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