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Eat Plenty Of Dairy Products
Eat plenty of dairy products People who eat at least five servings of dairy products per day, have difficulty maintaining weight Kyle Leon Review

Avoid nuts and dried fruit. Nuts contain a lot of hidden fats; the average value was 2800 kJ/100g. Dried fruit is a concentrated dried material; the average value is 1200 kJ/100g.

Limit your intake of kilojoules of sugary drinks and alcohol such that the condition of the water, juices, sweetened mineral water, a glass of wine or beer after dinner.
Sweet is allowed, but only up to 14 hours and a maximum of one sweetness per day.

The last portion should be 19 hours and not more than 800 kJ.
Eat 6-7 servings a day. If you eat more often and smaller portions, help accelerate our metabolism and therefore burn faster and slim by.

If you only eat 3-5 servings per day, the body is under stress and off saving the path of metabolism, weight loss by slowing down.
Eat often. The interval between the portions should be 2-3 pm
According Exercise your options and take advantage of every opportunity to be active.

E.g. today will not go away, but the bus stop is, instead of the elevator, etc.

When significant weight gain or obesity, avoid exercises with hops. Unnecessarily burden your musculature system…….So how do your help self?


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