Pacers Beat LeBron James, Heat in Game 2

Miami – Indiana forward Paul George no longer be a rising star. It can be a star right now. Have you seen that mighty hand dunk at the end of the third quarter?And do not forget the big man. Roy Hibbert returned to the center position for the NBA playoffs.
George had 22 points and six assists and Hibbert added 29 points and 10 rebounds as the Pacers defeated the Miami Heat 97-93 on Friday and tie the Eastern Conference finals 1-1 Article Resource By =>>

“Once again, we have great confidence that we can win this basketball team,” Pacers coach Frank Vogel said before the game 2.

Table parameters: Pacers 97, Heat 93
School Schedule: East, West finals times, TV info

Pacers supported confidence, even after losing an overtime game 1 mill and is now home for the next two games, which is great, competition, until the final minutes of the series.

Game 3 is Sunday at Indianapolis (8:30 pm ET, TNT).
“You have to win on the road to becoming a champion,” Heat guard Dwyane Wade said sure. “We’ll regroup and see what we’ve done.”
Pacers overcame tremendous performance in the heat MVP LeBron James, who had 36 points, including 21 in the second half, and eight rebounds, three transmit and three interception.

But he had two bad sales in the last minute of the game. He threw the ball with 42.9 seconds remaining and the Pacers up 95-93, cost Miami a chance to tie, and he did so with 8.3 seconds left.

“It happens,” Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said. “They have two good defensive plays disabilities. I run that again if I had the chance again., Therefore, to learn. You have to give them credit for hand operation.

“We’ve got more options than those two, even in transition and some revenue and some of which we did not necessarily the best choice of us.”

Competition: LeBron James, Paul George for every other aspect
James wrong to mourn her late games. “It can not happen in this situation. Especially down two of the big game,” he said. “Big disappointment, of course, for me …. I’m very disappointed in my mind, and my combination in the region.”

Pacers also removes 88-84 deficit in the final 5:25, before the Heat 13-5. Miami made just one of seven of its last shots and missed all four three-pointers needed.

“We just have to be a little more effective than going to last long,” Spoelstra said.

Pacers Hibbert made two baskets and protect George Hill, who fought in the first game, but had 18 points, five rebounds, three transmit and three interception on Friday, made four free throws in the final 48, 9 seconds.

“I’m not a big guy in the past,” Hill said. “There’s nothing I can do after the first game. Thing I can do is focus on the game 2. I went to the hotel, the food is good, quiet, stay on their feet and try to prepare your brain for Game 2. ”

Have a wonderful series laced with intrigue. Pacers not lost at home in the playoffs this season (6-0) and beat the heat at home both times this season. Miami is the best result in the tournament this season and 4-0 in the playoffs.

In the conference semifinals last season, the Pacers also won two games in Miami and took a 3 games in Indianapolis for a 2-1 series lead. Miami won the next three games, even without Boshm wish Chris, who was absent from the abdominal strain.

“Ball do not lie”: Rasheed Wallace channel Pacers assistant
How much money Pacers developed since then? How much heat is the solution?

“Our back is against the wall, and that’s what we need right now,” Bosh said. ‘Playoff of adversity. ”

Pacers same faith as coach.
“Our belief has no hesitate, do not change,” Pacers forward David West said. We know they are a great team. They are the best team in the NBA. He will fight for us to win every game. ”

1236George emphasized when finishing third
Miami bench and three-point shooter his fight for the second consecutive game. Protect Ray Allen and Norris Cole and forward Shane Battier is a combined 3 for 14, and the temperature was 7 of 22 on three-pointers.

Indiana’s best three-point defense (32.7%) this season and for Miami, who was second in the season with the top three at 39.6%, and 30% after two games. Battier is 12 of 52 in the playoffs in three of 6 and 0 against the Pacers, Ray Allen and 3 of 13 from the field against Indiana.

“We must find a way to get our hands in the game instead of getting them the ball and make them difficult to end the game,” James said. “We know that they were there for us all year. We will continue to give them confidence. They do know that it will help us a lot.

The problem in Miami in a game continued in the first quarter of game 2 of revenue. Miami had 20 in one game and six in the first quarter of game 2.

“There is a lack of focus and lack of foundation,” Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said before the game 2. “We just turned the ball over six times this season, and our results are not good. If we want to continue to burn our part, we will throw the ball all over the place, did not show actual concentrations. “


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