Customized Fat Loss Review By Sergio Tiger did racist prick. Oh no, he did. Ugh.

Tiger Woods vs Sergio Garcia spits continued on Tuesday night, but this time Sergio really stuck his foot in his mouth. He went out. Not good. He pulled out a semi-Zoeller, except worse, because he had to learn from you, so as not to dilute it. Never. Never.Sergio Garcia

From The Guardian:
Spaniards on stage during the awards ceremony at the European Tour players dinner, where he was questioned with Steve Sands Golf Channel. Garcia, who was involved in a verbal battle with forests Since the players championship Harass this month, was jokingly asked if he had America for dinner one night during the upcoming U.S. Open. “We’ll have him around every night,” said Garcia. Sergio Garcia “We will serve fried chicken.” For More Information About Customized Fat Loss Review Article Recourse By Sergio Garcia

Do not make any excuses for Sergio, but I’m sure he did not mean as it sounds. And I am sure that is due to alcohol.

Obviously, this is bad. Not just bad, or in poor taste, but also, and Sergio, you better. I defended Sergio and I appreciate his honesty, but there is a fine line, and if so, I … there … there … words. / Crouch

Apologies Expect:
Sergio Garcia:Garcia again last night, before he could be asked to clarify his remarks, but later released after the European tour this announcement, said: “I apologize for any offense may be caused by my comments on stage during the awards ceremony at the European players round., “I answered the question was made clear to me as a joke with a stupid comment, but in no way is intended to racist comments. ”

I want to give him the benefit of the doubt, but Sergio, no! Just do not! Three-bogey.

[Update: By the way, I just take a second to really think about it and realized that I never would have made such a joke in every joke under the circumstances. And I’m not the most PC person, but I can not imagine any circumstances – including information with friends – where Sergio uttered the words come out of my mouth. So, ugh. It is disappointing


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